Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

General Questions

We ship worldwide offering a variety of shipping options.

The shipment is always insured.

After the microphone is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation with the shipment details.

Clients from Germany can test our microphones free of charge for 7 days.
For further information feel free to contact us.

When purchasing two or more microphones (of the same model), all microphones are automatically matched – free of charge and at no extra charge.

Simply select the desired quantity in the shopping cart.

We recommend to store the microphone in a dry environment, when not in use for a long period of time. Ideally you can store it in the provided wooden box.

We offer you a variety of payment methods for a safe and convenient payment. For further information, please visit Payment Methods

Warranty repairs are free of charge for the client and of course we shall bear for the shipping charge.

We’ll do our best to ensure a smooth and fast processing by our tried and tested service department.

Since the establishment of our company we work with renewable energy provided by Elektrizitätswerke Schönau (EWS).
Furthermore we use biodegradable packaging materials to protect the products.
Of course we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance.

The installed components were chosen deliberately, in order to guarantee a long availability.
Therefore discontinued products will be maintained continuously.

We sell and maintain our products ourselves and exclusively. This ensures a fast and smooth processing.
The repair and the subsequent shipping can be completed in max. three working days.

All orders are shipped via DHL or UPS (depending on your country). For more information please visit Shipping Methods.

For repair requests please visit our support page. We’d be glad to help you.

If you own a business with valid EU-VAT-ID number, you can purchase our microphones as B2B (only within the European Union). You can find more information here.

Technical Questions

This type of appication extends the lifespan of tube microphones. Tubes produce heat, which will always rise to the top and damage the capsule over time.

The technology of our microphones is based on transistors with minimal heat, therefore you don’t need to mount the microphone in this way.

Due to the size and the operating principle of large-diaphragms, the capsule is generally more sensitive to plosive sounds. Letters like “P” or “B” produce air blasts. A pop filter reduces these blasts.

PAD switches have a negative impact on the signal-to-noise ratio. The signal will be attenuated by the given value, however the noise will not.
To maintain the performance we build our microphones without PAD switches.

The human voice as well as any musical instrument, do have very unique characteristics.
Microphones with an uneven frequency response can’t be used for any sound source, whereas microphones with a smooth frequency response can be used for (almost) every recording situation.

Our microphones are used in various combinations and signal chains. We recommend using our microphones with RME, SPL and Universal Audio interfaces to ensure a solid sound as well as a stable operation. Especially interfaces by Universal Audio are very popular and often used by our customers.

A reflection filter offers a relatively small area, but by placing it at the right spot it should definitely improve the overall sound.

Our microphone bodies are made of aluminium, brass and copper. The materials we use are customary in the industry and very robust.

A shock mount is not necessary, but when used it significantly reduces the transmission of low-frequency background noise.

Due to its linear and clean sound, the V13 is very versatile.

Our clients used it successfully for recording vocals, guitars, strings, choirs and wind instruments.

The V13 offers a linear sound and therefore a clean basis, which can be shaped with an EQ or the bundled V13 KlangFormer plug-in.

The V17 comes with a very subtle and musical high-frequency boost and our newest TransHarmonic™ technology. It’s also very versatile, but offers a “ready-for-mixdown” sound.

There can be several reasons for this.

Check the following points:

– Did you turn on the 48V Phantom Power?
– Is the track (or the mixer channel) active?
– Does the microphone cable work and is it connected?
– Did you increase the gain level?

If you didn’t manage to fix the problem, please contact our support team.

There can be many reasons for noisy recordings.

The following aspects should be taken into consideration:

– Microphone cable
– Interface/Preamp
– PC power supply
– Faulty lightbulbs
– Inferior PC cooling fan

If the noise comes from the microphone itself, we’ll take care of it immediately and fix the problem. Please feel free to contact our support team.

Are there any further questions?

We'd be glad to further assist you.