May we introduce ourselves?

// Salvatore Di Fresco

CEO & Head of development

// Marcel Krämer

Marketing & Product Design (consulting)

// Denise Saile

Accounting & Customer Service

// The WeissKlang Team

Production, Development & Social Media

WeissKlang® was founded in 2013 and focuses on the development, production and distribution of professional studio microphones. 
Sound conversion is a science and our passion. The main goal of a microphone is the best possible conversion of acoustic signals into electric impulses. 
That’s the main purpose and the ambition of our microphones. 
Our microphone manufacture focuses on the essential attributes of an ideal sound conversion, which then are fed into the development process of our microphones.

Our microphones are handmade and equipped with high quality components to provide excellent technical characteristics as well as an optimal sound and to offer you microphones of the highest quality. 
Each of our microphones is extensively measured and tested before it is released for sale. Both the development and the production of the microphones take place in our manufactory. 
Furthermore, we run and manage our exclusive online sales channels by ourselves.

As a manufacturer, you can choose various distribution channels. Distribution via third-party dealers has a negative impact on both price and support quality. As a result, the price increases and the service quality worsens. 
We appreciate you as customer and therefore want to offer you the service you deserve. For your benefit we sell the microphones directly to you. 
That means: No third party dealers, a better support und fair prices.

WeissKlang stands for quality and reliability made in Germany.

WeissKlang goes Green

Our microphone manufactory is located in Murr in south-west Germany (Baden-Württemberg). 
It’s 30 km away from the state capital Stuttgart and offers an optimal infrastructure.

For us sustanability and environment protection are very important topics. 
We are facing up to our responsibility for the environment and resources. 
That’s why we obtain our green electricity from nonnuclear sources (Elektrizitätswerken Schönau) and put emphasis on eco-friendly processes.

We are increasingly relying on energy-efficient solutions with modern machineries, which are only used in processes where lowest 
manufacturing tolerances are relevant (eg. for the production of our microphone capsules and bodies). 
The majority of all production steps are done by precise handwork.

In addition, all manufacturing processes as well as the entire organization are constantly improved and further developed. 
This applies to energy efficiency, environmental and health protection, and occupational safety.

WeissKlang microphones therefore have a small carbon footprint, while 
maintaining our quality standard.